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17-01-2005 19:14 GMT+2
You think a team can come up with enough money to go on North American Tour? It would get a lot of publicity with NHL in a lock out, and give some guys a chance to get noticed.

17-01-2005 21:42 GMT+2
I don't think the team (and any guy in particular) is motivated to show up this way. They have already realized their level in pro hockey.
Besides, it is truly not enough money to run such journey.
18-01-2005 07:12 GMT+2
I'm not saying they should play NHL teams. They can give it a shot playing minor league teams in Canada and US.
18-01-2005 10:32 GMT+2
May be the club needs some concrete invitation or smth to go to the North. Am. in a stretch between regular season games.
29-03-2005 05:04 GMT+2
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10-02-2006 04:47 GMT+2
Does anyone know what Ruslan Fedotenko's jersey number was when he played for Sokol Kiev in 95/96?

Thanks you in Advance. J
10-02-2006 12:03 GMT+2
He played only 2 games.His jersey's number(U-20 team Ukraine also)№ 9.
11-02-2006 00:55 GMT+2
Большое спасибо — A friend has been looking for this info. She will be very happy! —J
11-02-2006 01:53 GMT+2
I think Sokol doesn't need to go to US or CA. I think if US needs ukrainian players they should come to Ukraine and see how our guys play!
11-02-2006 01:57 GMT+2
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23-09-2007 03:58 GMT+2
I wonder if they ever scouted for players in Ukraine by going there.

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