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23-07-2008 04:41 GMT+2
...Anyone else here speak English?

23-07-2008 13:48 GMT+2
No, no English, only Ukraine

23-07-2008 14:13 GMT+2
Just ask what you want, I'm sure somebody will answer.

23-07-2008 14:15 GMT+2
I am speak English a little. What?

23-07-2008 14:51 GMT+2
Dast ish fantastish ... ya ya ... а пиво Львовское хорошее

23-07-2008 16:28 GMT+2
Че за вечерняя школа?

23-07-2008 22:20 GMT+2
well im working on the sokol wikipedia page and do have some facts i need:

- who is the owner (or owners?) of sokol?
- who are the official farm/affiliate clubs?
- who is the general manager?
- who is the current team captain?

also, some websites say that Sokol won the 1986 Spengler Cup....but the official website says otherwise. Any controversy on this tournament? Or just a mistake?

sorry, stole one of the pics off here of the ultras fan club, hope you guys don't mind

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oh yeah, and is there any history for what leagues/divisions sokol played in prior to 1996?

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23-07-2008 22:26 GMT+2
Pacani ze best

24-07-2008 10:47 GMT+2
Thanks for doing that!

First of all the head coach is Olexander Seukand, not Sergei Lubnin. Please correct that.
Second, the new logo is pretty ugly imo and has not been yet officially approved.
Arenas are: Sport Palace, Kyiv (capacity 7200) and Terminal, Brovary (capacity 1500).
The general manager is Vyacheslav Zavalnyuk.
The team captain is Yuri Gunko.

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Львівське робить сторінку про Сокіл на Вікіпедії http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokil_Kyiv
Питання: Хто є власником (власниками) клубу? Чи вигравав Сокіл Кубок Шпенглера в 1986? Історія до 1996 року.

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24-07-2008 11:01 GMT+2
Lvivske & Dmitro, in 1986 Sokil was first in round robin tournament of Spengler Cup, but lost in final to Canadian team.
Official owners of Sokil — East-European investment fund (74%) and charitable foundation «Slavutych» (26%).

24-07-2008 11:02 GMT+2
The history from 1963/64 to 2004/05 you can find at http://www.hockey.org.ua/Clubs/sokol.htm. Should be easy to translate.

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You may also want to use these images:
scarf and jerseys (2007-08 season)

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25-07-2008 01:11 GMT+2
thanks guys. want to make sure the information is accurate for all to see.

charitable foundation «Slavutych» (26%).:

that's some heavy beer! lol

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