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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Є цікаве порівняння результатів зустрічей команд різних ліг в Європі — EBEL Ліга одна з найсильніших

this comparison of how good did EBEL teams perform against other clubs from other European leagues in this preseason.
All results are after regular time, even if the games gone into overtime or shootouts.

wins: 1
ties: 0
loses : 0
goal difference: 4-2
29.08.2009 EC Red Bull Salzburg — CSKA Moscow (RUS) 4:2 (3:0,0:1,1:1)

EBEL vs. SUI (National League A)
wins: 5
ties: 2
loses : 3
goal difference: 38-33
20.08.2009 Graz 99ers — SCL Tigers (SUI) 3:1 (1:0,1:1,1:0)
21.08.2009 EC-KAC — SC Langnau Tigers (SUI) 3:3 (2:1,0:1,1:1)
22.08.2009 Graz 99ers — SCL Tigers (SUI) 5:2 (1:0,4:1,0:1)
22.08.2009 HC Fribourg Gottéron (SUI) — HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana 5:2 (2:0,1:0,2:2)
27.08.2009 EC Red Bull Salzburg — ZSC Lions (SUI) 5:0 (0:0,1:0,4:0)
29.08.2009 EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz — EV Zug (SUI) 7:5 (0:0,3:2,4:3)
31.08.2009 EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz — EV Zug (SUI) 2:5 (0:2,0:2,2:1)
03.09.2009 HC Davos (SUI) — EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:3 (0:1,1:1,0:1)
05.09.2009 HC Lugano (SUI) — EC Red Bull Salzburg 8:5 (1:2,2:2,5:1)
06.09.2009 HC Ambri-Piotta (SUI) — EC Red Bull Salzburg 4:3 SO (1:1,1:1,1:1,0:0,1:0)

EBEL vs. SUI-1 (National League B)
wins: 1
ties: 2
loses : 0
goal difference: 8-6
21.08.2009 Lausanne HC (SUI-1) — HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana 2:2 (0:0,1:2,1:0)
28.08.2009 EC-KAC — SC Langenthal (SUI-1) 2:1 SO (0:0,1:1,0:0;1:0)
30.08.2009 EC VSV — SC Langenthal (SUI-1) 5:3 (2:0,2:2,1:1)

EBEL vs. CZE (Extraliga)
wins: 2
ties: 1
loses : 2
goal difference: 14-13
15.08.2009 HC Mountfield České Budějovice (CZE) — EC Red Bull Salzburg 3:2 (1:1,0:1,2:0)
16.08.2009 HC Kometa Brno (CZE) — EV Vienna Capitals 5:2 (4:0,1:2,0:0)
21.08.2009 HC Slavia Praha (CZE) — EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:5 (1:1,0:2,0:2)
28.08.2009 PSG Zlin (CZE) — EV Vienna Capitals 2:3 (0:1,1:1,1:1)
30.08.2009 EC Red Bull Salzburg — HC Sparta Praha (CZE) 3:2 SO (0:1,1:1,1:0,1:0)

EBEL vs. CZE-1 (1 Liga)
wins: 2
ties: 0
loses : 0
goal difference: 7-4
14.08.2009 SKH Slavia Trebic (CZE-1) — EV Vienna Capitals 3:5 (1:3,2:1,0:1)
23.08.2009 HC Dukla Jihlava (CZE-1) — EV Vienna Capitals 1:2 (0:1,0:0,1:1)

EBEL vs. CZE-2 (2 Liga)
wins: 1
ties: 0
loses : 0
goal difference: 3-1
26.08.2009 EV Vienna Capitals — SHK Hodonin (CZE-2) 3:1 (1:1,1:0,1:0)

wins: 3
ties: 1
loses : 4
goal difference: 24-29
12.08.2009 EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz — ERC Ingolstadt (GER) 5:3 (1:1,3:0,1:2)
15.08.2009 Kölner Haie (GER) — EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 4:2 (2:0,0:2,2:0)
16.08.2009 Adler Mannheim (GER) — EC-KAC 5:1 (2:0,1:1,2:0)
18.08.2009 Graz 99ers — Kölner Haie (GER) 6:3 (1:1,2:1,3:1)
19.08.2009 EC Red Bull Salzburg — Kölner Haie (GER) 5:1 (2:0,2:1,1:0)
20.08.2009 EC-KAC — Nürnberg Ice Tigers (GER) 3:3 (0:1,1:2,2:0)
25.08.2009 Graz 99ers — Augsburger Panther (GER) 1:2 (0:1,1:0,0:1)
28.08.2009 Augsburger Panther (GER) — Graz 99ers 8:1 (4:1,4:0,0:0)

EBEL vs. GER-1 (2. Bundesliga)
wins: 1
ties: 1
loses : 0
goal difference: 6-5
28.08.2009 EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz — EHC München (GER-1) 3:2 (0:1,3:1,0:0)
05.09.2009 Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven (GER-1) — EC VSV 3:4 SO (1:0,0:0,2:3,1:0)

EBEL vs. SVK (Extraliga)
wins: 1
ties: 1
loses : 1
goal difference: 4-7
19.08.2009 HK Spisska Nova Ves (SVK) — SAPA Fehervar AV19 2:3 (SO)
22.08.2009 SAPA Fehervar AV19 — MsHK Žilina (SVK) 2:1 (0:0,2:1,0:0)
01.09.2009 HKm Zvolen (SVK) — SAPA Fehervar AV19 4:0 (2:0,2:0,0:0)

EBEL vs. FRA (Ligue Magnus)
wins: 0
ties: 2
loses : 0
goal difference: 5-5
27.08.2009 EC-KAC — Les Diables Rouges de Briançon (FRA) 4:5 SO (1:1,2:2,1:1,0:1)
30.08.2009 HK Acroni Jesenice — Briancon Les Diables Rouges de Briançon (FRA) 2:1 SO (0:0,1:1,0:0,1:0)

EBEL vs. ITA (Serie A)
wins: 1
ties: 2
loses : 3
goal difference: 15-22
30.08.2008 KHL Medvescak Zagreb — HC Val Pusteria (ITA) 2:4 (1:1,0:2,1:1)
02.09.2009 EC-KAC — SV Renon/Ritten Sport (ITA) 3:3 (2:1,1:1,0:1)
04.09.2009 KHL Medvescak Zagreb — Aquile FVG Pontebba (ITA) 3:2 (1:1,0:1,2:0)
04.09.2009 EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz — HC Bolzano/Bozen Foxes 2:6 (1:3,1:1,0:2)
06.09.2009 EC VSV — SV Renon/Ritten Sport (ITA) 2:4 (0:3,2:1,0:0)
06.09.2009 Aquile FVG Pontebba (ITA) — HK Acroni Jesenice 3:3 (0:1,2:2,1:0)

EBEL vs. HUN (MOL Liga)
wins: 2
ties: 0
loses : 0
goal difference: 13-2
14.08.2009 Újpesti TE (HUN) — SAPA Fehervar AV19 2:9 (1:2,1:3,0:4)
21.08.2009 SAPA Fehervar AV19 — Ferencvárosi TC (HUN) 4:0 (0:0,2:0,2:0)

wins: 1
ties: 0
loses : 0
goal difference: 7-3
20.08.2009 KH POL-AQUA Zagłębie Sosnowiec (POL) — SAPA Fehervar AV19 3:7 (0:1,1:3,2:3)


Добавлено (32 мин.) :
Vienna Capitals — Medvescak Zagreb 4:1 (3:0,1:0,0:1)
Attendance         4200

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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Medveščak — Jesenice 6-5 11.09.2009. EBEL liga

KHL Medvescak Zagreb — Olimpija Ljubljana 3:1 (2:0,0:1,1:0)
Attendance        6200

Загреб піднімається вверх до 7 місця (на 6-му поки Алба-Волан)
5          VSV         42         124         136         -12         48
6          AVS         42         130         141         -11         44
7          MZA         42         125         150         -25         43
8          KAC         42         124         136         -12         40

Чи Донецьк спроможеться колись зробити таке для зустрічі з Соколом на Донбас Арені ?
EBEL LIGA record Attendance 30.500

Raffl brace sees VSV win outdoor derby

EC VSV won the Carinthian Derby, held in Klagenfurts European Championship-proven football stadium, in front of 30.500 enthusiasts. Michael Raffl scored two goals, one past Rene Swette and one past Jordan Parise and turned out to be the match winner.

Heavy snow-showers right at the start of the first period slowed both teams’ efforts down. When both teams had had a powerplay and the snowfall subsided, the Zambonis were called in after ten minutes cleared the ice and the hockey-fest started anew.
The Red Jackets had troubles to break down Villachs defence, until the 15th minute. Kirk Furey picked up the puck behind his own net, skated across the whole rink, evading all challenges, hit the bar and put his own rebound in! He used his stick above his shoulder, to do so, though, and the goal was ruled out. A decision which was not met with agreement by the crowd. The Eagles were the more active team, though, with Mike Stewart, Roland Kaspitz, Kiel McLeod and Mickey Elick all drawing saves from Rene Swette.

Michael Raffls brace
VSV started the second period of the game well and picked up the lead with 26 Minutes played. Roland Kaspitz faked the wrap around form one side of the net, than tried to on the other side. Rene Swette thought he had the puck beneath his pad, but it escaped, right out in front of Raffl, who snapped the puck into the gaping net. KAC now tried a more aggressive note, but Dieter Kalt, Jeff Shantz and David Schuller all failed to tally. As had been agreed upon before the game, Jordan Parise replaced Swette in goal at the half-way mark. The US-American conceded only ten seconds later. He wasn’t at fault, though. The initial shot went wide of the net, ricocheted back from the board, took an unlucky bounce from the outside of the net, clipped Parises heel and trickled in. Raffl was the last Eagle to have touched the puck and got credited with his 22nd goal of the season. KAC on the other hand, seemed unable to get the puck past. They let ten Man-advantage situations fly by in the game without scoring a single goal from them.

Comeback killed off
Until the 47th minute, the Eagles locked their zone quite firmly and patiently waited fort eh counter attack. Then it was Jason Morgan, who got hit by Thomas Hundertpfunds shot, who deflected the puck into the net with his skate without even knowing it. For once KAC got people in front of the net, and it paid off. But only 48 seconds later, Roland Kapsitz scored from a very short distance after Günther Lanzingers claver pass. He had received the puck from the man of the match, Michael Raffl, who has a point per game average now. The Blue-Whites cruised the game with a record attendance for Erste Bank Eishockey Liga of 30.500, watching last seasons champions EC-KAC tried whatever they could, even taking of their Goalie 90 seconds from time, but failed, due to unlucky bounces and a miserable performance on the Powerplay, losing their fifth straight game, enabling both HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana and KHL Medvescak Zagreb – or even both — , who will also be playing outdoors this season, to make up ground against them tomorrow.

Dieter Kalt, Forward, EC-KAC: „VSV was very strong. If you don’t score, you can’t win, especially if you’re conceding easy goals. The atmosphere was amazing, breath-taking for all the players involved.”

Michael Stewart, Captain, EC VSV: „The atmosphere was sensational. It’s so cool playing in front of 30.500 people. We were really here to win this game and we did. I’ve never seen something like this and it feels immensely good to be part of it.”

08.01.2010 | EC-KAC – EC VSV 1:3 (0:0, 0:2, 1:1).
Goal Klagenfurt: Hundertpfund (47.).
Goals Villach: Raffl (26., 31.), Kaspitz (48.).

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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Zagreb sell out Outdoor games in less than an hour
Yesterday at high noon thousands of people stood in lines in order to get tickets for a two-day ice hockey spectacle ŠALATA WINTER CLASSIC 2010 powered by CITROEN. The tickets were sold out in only 60 minutes!
Zagreb, 13 January 2010 – Yesterday it was officially confirmed! ŠALATA WINTER CLASSIC 2010 powered by CITROEN is THE sports spectacle of this season in Zagreb. Thousands of people stood in lines and the cold at high noon in front of EVENTIM shops in order to get their tickets for the two-day ice hockey spectacle which will take Zagreb’s citizens back to past times when Šalata ice rink and the City of Zagreb had lived for ice hockey. The streets of Zagreb, but also the problematic on-line purchase related to an outstanding interest, today have undoubtedly reminded everyone on euphoria we had the opportunity to witness last spring when tickets for the U2 concert held in Maksimir Stadium went on sale!

«We are especially proud to see that tickets for ice hockey matches at Šalata were sold out in only an hour! Although we have expected a lot of interest, we are more than surprised! At the same time, we regret the fact that there were many who were unable to get their tickets even though they waited in the lines!“, the president of KHL Medvešcak, Damir Gojanovic, said continuing: „Citizens of Zagreb and their guests have proved yet another time that ice hockey had definitely returned to our city. We are trying to find the way to organize the sale of an additional, smaller number of tickets for our supporters together with security services, organization team and management of Šalata Sports Center because our supporters and fans are our ‘sixth player’ and we wish to help them as much as possible! We would like to thank all those who have purchased tickets and helped us in the organization of this ice hockey spectacle, thus supporting our club!“

At the occasion of the sports event in question the Bears will face two teams playing in the EBEL: VSV Villach (Friday, 29 January, 07:15 PM) and Vienna Capitals (Sunday, 31 January, 17:30)! Along with the ice hockey matches, club’s management will also organize many additional entertainment programs at Šalata Sports Center before and after the matches and in cooperation with CITROEN, club's partner. Namely, one of visitors who purchased a ticket for one or both matches to be held at Šalata shall win a valuable prize: CITREON C3!

The event has additional importance if we bear in mind the fact that Šalata ice rink was the first home of KHL Medveš%u010Dak Zagreb which was during the period 1965 – 1972 an unavoidable Mecca for all citizens of Zagreb and their guests.


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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KHL Medvescak Zagreb — EC KAC 4:2 (2:0,0:0,2:2)
Attendance 6200

KHL Medvescak Zagreb — Black Wings Linz 3:2
Attendance 6200

Загреб піднявся на 6-е місце потіснивши Алба-Волан з 7-го місця
5          VSV         44         131         141         -10         50
6          MZA         44         132         154         -22         47
7          AVS         44         137         150         -13         46

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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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SAPA Fehervar — KHL Medvescak Zagreb 3:1 (2:0,1:0,0:1)
Attendance         3000
Referee         SMETANA Ladislav

Алба-Волан відновили 6-е місце потіснивши Загреб на 7-е місце

5          VSV         45         133         146         -13         50
6          AVS         45         140         151         -11         48
7          MZA         45         133         157         -24         47


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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EC Red Bull Salzburg : KHL Medvescak Zagreb 3:2 (0:1,3:0,0:1)
Datum        22.01.2010
Attendance        2300
Referee         CERVENAK Pavel (AUT)


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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HK Acroni Jesenice : KHL Medvescak Zagreb 1:3 (0:1,0:1,1:1)
Datum        24.01.2010
Attendance         2000
Referee DOSTAL Robert (AUT)

5          VSV         47         142         154         -12         52
6          MZA         47         138         161         -23         49
7          AVS         47         144         160         -16         48


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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KHL Medvescak Zagreb : EC VSV 2:3 n.P. (0:0,2:0,0:2,0:0,0:1)
Attendance        4600
Referee         DREMELJ Igor (SLO)



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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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24.01.2010 Acroni Jesenice — Medvešcak Zagreb 1:3 (0:1,0:1,1:1)
Attendance: 2000

31/01/2010 KHL MEDVEŠČAK — EV VIENNA CAPITALS 4:3 (0:0, 2:2, 1:1, 0:0 — 1:0)
ZAGREB — Klizalište Šalata. Gledatelja 4000. Suci: Trilar, Hribar i Rakovič.

05.02.2010 HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana — KHL Medvescak Zagreb 2:7 (2:3,0:4,0:0)
Attendance         1600
Referee         BERNEKER Thomas (AUT)

5          VSV         51         150         171         -21         54
6          MZA         51         152         172         -20         54

07/02/2010. — GRAZ HC GRAZ 99ers — KHL MEDVEŠČAK Zagreb
Polazak s Klizališta VELESAJAM u 15:00h
Prijevoz i ulaznica: 35 EUR

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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Moser Medical Graz 99ers — KHL Medvescak Zagreb 4:3 n.V. (1:1,1:1,1:1,1:0)
Attendance 1700
Referee        LÄNGLE Matthias (AUT)

Final standings and statistics — Regular season
        Team        GP         W         L        OTW        OTL        PSW        PSL        GF:GA         +/-         P
1.        Graz 99ers        54         36         18         3         2         3         3         197:132         +65         77
2.        Red Bull Salzburg        54         33         21         5         4         1         1         203:158         +45         71
3.        Vienna Capitals        54         33         21         5         3         2         1         193:156         +37         70
4.        Black Wings Linz        54         30         24         0         2         2         7         176:150         +26         69
5.        VSV        54         29         25         3         1         2         1         162:174         -12         60
6.        Alba Volán Székesfehérvár        54         25         29         2         7         3         0         165:184         -19         57
7.        KAC        54         27         27         3         1         4         2         166:159         +7         57
8.        Medvešcak Zagreb        54         25         29         5         5         4         2         160:182         -22         57
9.        Acroni Jesenice        54         16         38         4         3         2         4         148:205         -57         39
10.        Olimpija Ljubljana        54         16         38         1         3         0         2         141:211         -70         37

Така відвідуваність як в Загреба прохвєссійоналам Сокола хіба що сниться

Average Attendance
        Team        GP        Home        Trend 08/09        Away
1        KHL Medvescak Zagreb        54        5843        -        2796
2        EC KAC        54        5127        +984        3474
3        EV Vienna Capitals        54        3730        +274        4336
4        EC VSV        54        3841        +85        3038
5        SAPA Fehervar AV19        54        3051        +191        2999
6        Moser Medical Graz 99ers        54        2533        +845        3333
7        EHC LIWEST Linz        54        2472        -8        3372
8        HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana        54        2448        -437        3220
9        EC Red Bull Salzburg        54        2307        -39        3144
10        HK Acroni Jesenice        54        1662        -908        3301

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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Quoter finals.

Moser Medical Graz 99ers : KHL Medvescak Zagreb

Moser Medical Graz 99ers — KHL Medvescak Zagreb 3:4 n.V. (3:0,0:1,0:2,0:1)
Attendance        3100
Referee         DREMELJ Igor (SLO)

Bears turn game and series around
KHL Medvescak Zagreb have turned a 0:3-Deficit in to a 4:3-Overtime Win and now lead the Series with 3:2, meaning they could eliminate favourites Moser Medical Graz 99ers on Thursday in Dom Sportova. EC Red Bull Salzburg also acquired a matchpuck by beating EC-KAC 3:2.

Young Gasper Kroselj guarded KHL Medvescak Zagrebs crease and he came under fire in the first period. 6th minute: Greg Day sent Warren Norris clear on the Powerplay and the specialist for scoring against the Bears slapped the Puck in. Three minutes later, Day picked out Eric Healey, who finally scored his first goal against the Croatian Side. The Bears had to gnaw on these two early goals, and when they had gotten themselves together, Markus Peintner escaped and was hauled back. The awarded Penalty was a clear case for Norris, who rounded Kroselj and set off to celebrate. The travelling support from Croatia didn’t stop cheering their side on, and in the 33rd minute, Mike Prpich hammered the Puck up in the corner after Andy Sertich and John Hecimovic had been denied by Sebastien Charpentier. A few seconds later, the Bears scored another goal which was ruled out without most of the fans in the arena knowing why. The third period set off with Chris Harand getting denied by Kroselj; it was one of those saves that Mike Ouellette called “composed” in the Pregame-interview. That save in combination with a stupid check from behind by Stefan Herzog turned the game. Herzog got a Game Misconduct (plus 2 plus 5) and Sertich used the Powerplay to score from T. J. Guidarellis pass. Five Seconds before the end of the man-advantage, Ouellette arrived in time for the rebound and scored the equalizer. The 99ers failed to use their following Powerplays to score and the game went to overtime. One and a half minutes into the game, Brad Smyth used his backhand to score and with that Goal, Zagreb turned the Series, giving themselves a matchpuck for their home game in Dom Sportova on Thursday.

Match Puck for Salzburg
On paper, EC red Bull Salzburgs task on Thursday is harder to master. Pierre Pagès side beat EC-KAC 3:2 in Salzburg and could finish the series with a road win. Daniel Welser scored twice and the Game winner whilst Michael Schiechl (RBS), Herbert Ratz and Mike Craig (KAC) tallied the other goals in a classy game that could have gone either way. Decimated EC-KAC had nearly double the amount of shots on goal (39:22) but still lost the game. We can look forward to a fantastic game on SKY Sports Austria when the reigning Champions battle to avoid an early exit in Game Six.

02.03.2010 | Moser Medical Graz 99ers – KHL Medvescak Zagreb 3:4 F OT
(3:0, 0:1, 0:2, 0:1).
Goals Graz: Norris (6./PP, 16./PS), Healey (9.)
Goals Zagreb: Prpich (33.), Sertich (46./pp), Ouellette (52./pp), Smyth (62.)
Standings Best-of-seven-Quarter-Final-Series:
Moser Medical Graz 99ers – KHL Medvescak Zagreb: 2:3

Medvescak-Graz 99ers, QF of EBEL league, 4th game, Zagreb, 28.2.2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlKQpa4JCok

попередня перемога Загреба над Грацом http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlKQpa4JCok

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Четвер Загреб ZIG-ZAG-Medvescak!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010, 19:15
KHL Medvescak Zagreb – Moser Medical Graz 99ers
Referees: BERNEKER, SCHIMM, Graber, Mathis.

Graz — Medveščak, EBEL League 2010, playoff game 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Jx0jgZHqA
Quarter finals — Game 5, 02.03.2010
Graz 99ers — Medvešcak Zagreb 3:4 n.V. (3:0,0:1,0:2,0:1)
Attendance: 3100
Referees: DREMELJ Igor (SLO), HRIBAR Matjaz (SLO), RAKOVIC Damir (SLO)

Series: Graz 99ers (1) — Medvešcak Zagreb ( 2-3

Red Bull Salzburg — KAC 3:2 (1:1,1:1,1:0)
Attendance: 3200
Referees: CERVENAK Pavel (AUT), ERD Ulrich (AUT), HÜTTER Andreas (AUT)

Series: Red Bull Salzburg (2) — KAC (7) 3-2

Vienna Capitals — Alba Volán Székesfehérvár 6:5 n.V. (1:0,0:1,4:4,1:0)
Attendance: 4250
Referees: AUMÜLLER Roland (GER), KASPAR Christian (AUT), ZEHENTHOFER Walter (AUT)

Final standings: Vienna Capitals (3) — Alba Volán Székesfehérvár (6) 4-1

Black Wings Linz — VSV 7:2 (3:0,2:1,2:1)
Attendance: 3100
Referees: BERNEKER Thomas (AUT), NEUWIRTH Kurt (AUT), NEWERKLA Wolfgang (AUT)

Final standings: Black Wings Linz (4) — VSV (5) 4-1

Bears looking to eliminate leaders Graz
KHL Medvescak Zagreb host Moser Medical Graz 99ers and have in their own hands to eliminate the team that won the first 54 rounds of Erste Bank Eishockey Liga with ease. Conrad Martin’s still out suspended as is Matt Trattnig for EC Red Bull Salzburg who could win their Best–Of-Seven-Series with a road win at EC-KAC.

ZIG-ZAG-Medvescak! KHL Medvescak Zagreb remains the Play-Offs’ most surprising team. Starting into post-season in eighth position, the team has turned around a 0:2-deficit and can now win in front of their fanatic crowd at Dom Sportova. Director of Sports Doug Bradley explained what the team needs to do upset Moser Medical Graz 99ers a fourth and last time: “ We definitely need to wake up earlier. In Graz, we were down 3:0 quite fast. They were on fire and we took to long to adapt. Obviously, we were lucky to win the game in the Overtime. Good Players make good Plays, and our Players have stepped up and did so. Brad Smyth scored two really big goals and Kenny MacAulay got a Game winner, too.” Bradley added that winning the fourth is always the hardest game to win and explained that the team had really developed well: “We built a team from scratch starting in April. We’ve improved a lot and since then and have grown as a team in a very competitive league. The Fans helped us a lot. We were give an great reception even if we didn’t win, but on Tuesday, it was absolutely amazing. We were greeted with Flags and horns at the border by fans and the support in Graz was loud and great for us, too. It’s special for the players to play in front of such a fantastic crowd.” Headcoach Ted Sator will decide on Thursday, whether he will stick with Gasper Kroselj, who recorded the last three wins, or hand Robert Kristan the starting berth in front of the net. Conrad Martin continues to serve his suspension and fellow defender Alan Letang is doubtful as he required stitching up after being rammed into the boards by Stefan Herzog who got a Game Misconduct for his troubles. Bradley added with a smile: “You wouldn’t think a player of Alan’s calibre will be stopped by five stitches, though, would you?”
Moser Medical Graz 99ers have never lost more than three games on the trot this season, but the 99ers nerves are showing. Headcoach Bill Gilligan, who has some players having picked up minor knocks but hopes everybody will be ok to play. He stated: “We need to play to our strength and stop going fussy when things don’t work out the way we want them to. It’s all in the players’ heads and they will show whether they’ll crack under pressure or not. At least, we’re no longer favourites and Zagreb will really want to close the Series at home, trying to avoid Game Seven in Graz. We’ll try to use this situation to our advantage. We know we need to win, but if we do, we’ve got a crunch game at home.”

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After 2-0 Graz lead Medveščak won 4 games in a row and eliminated the best team of the regular season of EBEL liga !


Another victory for the Bears! The Bears have again defeated the Graz 99ers, for the fourth time in a row. The latest victory took them directly to the EBEL semi-finals. However, the Bears will have to wait for their opponents until Sunday when Red Bull Salzburg and Klagenfurt will play for the seventh time this season. In case Red Bull wins, the Bears will fight them for entering the finals and in case they loose, Medveščak's opponents will be Vienna Capitals, the team that took Alba Volan out of the competition.

KHL Medvescak Zagreb — Moser Medical Graz 99ers 5:2 (2:1,1:0,2:1) Attendance         7500 Referee         BERNEKER Thomas (AUT)

Medveščak — Graz, EBEL League 2010, playoff game 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVXtRWso-F8

Sensational Medvescak eliminate 99ers. KHL Medvescak Zagreb has beaten Moser Medical Graz 99er and won the Best-of-seven-Quarter-Final-Series with 5:2 and have moved into the Semis in convincing manner. T. J. Guidarelli and Mike Oullette scored twice.

Dom Sportova was packed to the roof and had even been upgraded by Drummers from SAPA Fehervar and chanting HDD TILIA Olimpija Ljubljana faithful. T. J Guidarelli opened the scoring, capitalizing on a Warren Norris Blunder. Shorthanded, he added a second, sending the crowd through the roof. Graz clawed one back but never seemed to have in in them to turn the game around. All though the second period, the game went up and down, form one goal to the other. Graz had their chances but seemed lacking that little extra edge that Medvescak had. Kenny MacAulay struck from distance four minutes from the end of the period and thee was no stopping the chants, the celebrations and the generally fantastic atmosphere in Dom Sportova. Graz only reappeared on the radar ten minutes form time when Cole Jarrett struck form distance. The noise in the arena was unbelievable as the only two powerplay minutes went past without a threatening shot. Now, Zagreb had to react and did so in intimidating fashion. Mike Ouellette threw himself at a rebound and pushd the puck over the line with sheer willpower when Sebastien Charpentier had let loose another puck. Graz pulled their goal and took a timeout, but it was to little, too late as Ouellette added a fifth into the empty net.


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S 76 :
Вообще невозможно понять какого уровня команды . Словенские и хорватские команды соответствуют своему уровню (на дне)

Да, радует, что в Средней и Южной Европе люди тоже любят хоккей.

А об уровне команд, действительно, сложно судить. Скорости не особо впечетлили.


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Level of Zagreb is quite good — Ted Sator is The Coach і склад http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KHL_Medve%C5%A1%C4%8Dak

Also they eliminated the best team of the regular season of EBEL liga — Graz. Graz Auf Wiedersehen!

Також відвідуваність зустрічей в Загребі (5843) в середньому за кожну зустріч є найвищою в лізі за сезон 2009-2010. Загалом перший клуб з України який зможе заявитися в цю лігу (Львів, Франків, Чернівці чи Ужгород) скоріш за все витягне гокей в Україні з козиного болота.

Tickets for the first match of the EBEL semi-finals scheduled for Thursday, 11 February at 7:15 PM at Dom sportova hall are available as today, 5 February starting from 4:00 PM at the EVENTIM Ticket Shop, 2 Jurišićeva Street, on- line at www.EVENTIM.hr and at all authorized distributer shops (address book available at www.eventim.hr).

Tickets are available for 30 and 50kn. One person can buy 4 tickets at the most.

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2010-03-07 23:18:49
Salzburg dumps out Champions KAC
In Game Seven, it was „Game Over“ for last years champions EC-KAC. EC Red Bull Salzburg won the game with 4:2 and took revenge for their loss in last years final. Salzburg will play KHL Medvescak Zagreb in the finals.

400 fanatical supporters form Klagenfurt saw Sean Brown taking the ice for the first time since Game Day Six of the regular season, trying to help his team in their pursuit of the Semi-Finals. KAC had the first chances, too, but it was the home side that scored first. Captain Thomas Koch applied the finishing touch after Daniel Welsers pass. Tom Hundertpfund and Greg Hager should’ve scored but failed to and instead, Ryan Duncan doubled the lead for Salzburg.
At the start of the middle period, the Red jackets couldn’t capitalize on a 5-on-3 for two full minutes; possible a decisive moment in the game with Reinhard Divis pulling of some massive saves. When their man-advantage was over, Salzburg struck again. Marco Pewal beat Jordan Parise on his glove-hand-side. Plenty of chances followed in a pacy, quality game and finally, KAC got into the match when Dieter Kalt scored against his former team, set up by Andrew Schneider.
That was what KAC needed! The team came out of the dressing room with a lot of energy. Jeff Shantz tallied at the 44th minute but missed a sitter on a rebound three minutes later. Time was running out and Manny Viveiros drew all his available options. A time-Out was called, Parise left the ice to make way for an extra skater but the move didn’t pay off as Jonathan Filewich slotted home into the empty net, ending the series and the season for EC-KAC. EC Red Bull Salzburg will face KHL Medvescak Zagreb in the Semis, starting with a home game on Tuesday.

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З історії про те як відновили гокей в Загребі http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125409249910344827.html
ZAGREB, Croatia — Sports promoters in August plastered 77 billboards around Zagreb with the face of an unsmiling goalie, and an announcement in capital letters: Ice hockey is back.
Croatia is fielding a competitive professional ice-hockey team, Zagreb's Medvescak Bears, for the first time in more than 20 years. Under the new ownership of four former Yugoslav-era players, the ice rink that previously drew just a few hundred fans has pulled in 6,000 or more spectators to every home game since the Sept. 15 opener. Even midweek games draw a capacity crowd.
[croatia ice hockey] MDV PRESS
Medvescak teammates Thomas Guidarelli, left, and John Hecimovic in a game this month against Acroni Jesenice in Zagreb.
«I don't think anyone expected the fans to be like this," said center Joel Prpic, a Canadian player with Croatian heritage. «They're singing, dancing — it's a party the whole game.»
For the four new owners, revitalizing the Medvescak team is the first step in building up a national hockey program that began to decline with the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s.
During the Yugoslav era, most ice rinks were built in Slovenia, says Bears co-owner Markoantonio Belinic. After the conflicts in the 1990s, sponsors fled. Croatia was left with no funding and only two covered ice rinks. Mr. Belinic and his business partners, Damir Gojanovic, Antonio Zujic and Juraj Sinanovic, played for free in local games and on the Croatian national team that convened for world championships. Meanwhile, fans migrated to football, basketball and handball.
Unhappy with the state of Croatian hockey, Mr. Belinic and his former teammates decided to invest in turning around Medvescak — named after the part of Zagreb where the city's first ice rink was built — and building up a youth program on a total annual operating budget of around €1.5 million (.2 million).
In a pilot program that began last year, the team played in the Slovenian national league and, after much lobbying, negotiated filling an opening in the competitive regional Erste Bank league. The head coach, Enio Sacilotto, and general manager, Doug Bradley, both Canadians, had roughly three months to recruit players from the U.S., Canada and Eastern Europe, including star Slovenian goalie Robert Kristan, and prepare for a grueling season of 54 games, plus playoffs.
«It's a very competitive league," said Mr. Bradley. «This is a big step up from where they played previously.»
Ice hockey faded as a spectator sport when the team lost sponsors and funding after the wars of the '90s. Croatia didn't have the money to recruit foreign players and the country lacked a strong youth program. The quality of play declined, and fans lost interest in local games.
Now, the team's management is heavily marketing its return. Black-and-white photographs of Olympic squads from decades earlier line the ice-rink walls, and fans regularly refer to the glory days of the Yugoslav team in the 1980s. In the month leading up to the opener, Medvescak advertised on billboards, radio stations, Internet banners, street posters, leaflets and Facebook. The first game sold out in five days.
Mr. Belinic said sponsors initially balked at the idea of financing a hockey resurgence. But after the opener drew 6,500 people, corporate interest jumped.
«Now we are overflowing with various calls from corporations and private sponsors," Mr. Belinic said. Current backers include pharmaceutical company Pliva and food-production concern Agrokor, Croatia's largest private company.
At a recent midweek game against Austria's Graz 99ers, fans packed the rink, with some perched on the orange railings lining the dome's highest row. Spectators sang along to music that alternated between AC/DC and ballads extolling the beauty of Zagreb. A scoreboard flashed when Medvescak player Aaron Fox scored to tie the game in the second period, though Graz won 3-2 in overtime penalty shots.
Despite standard grumbles over referee calls, spectators remained largely good-natured. Fans said they appreciated the cheap tickets, which are priced at €4.50; most of the league's teams charge between €10 and €23 per game.
«Last season there were a few hundred diehards watching hockey. We all knew each other," said Drazen Kramaric, co-founder of the Croatian Hockey Portal Web site, which launched in December. «For many of us, this is a dream come true.»
Hockey in Croatia enjoys one legal advantage over other spectator sports. Because of violent incidents, fans can't buy alcohol at «high-risk» events, which include many football, handball and other matches. Hockey games currently aren't considered high-risk, and the Bears are vigorously promoting it as a family sport.
«It's the only place where we can drink beer and watch sports," explained 25-year-old Zagreb resident and geology student Mareinko Baica, drink in hand.
Mr. Belinic conceded the beers may be contributing to hockey's popularity.
«We are one of the rare sports given the license to have alcoholic beverages," he said. «We have beer and spritzers, but everybody drinks beer.»


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Salzburg beat Zagreb in Game Two
In Game Two of their Best-of-Seven-Semi-Final-Series, EC Red Bull got a 5:1 road win in Zagreb’s Dom Sportova, which didn’t stop the tremendous Bears Fateful celebrating. EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz fans were not as happy as their team lost their home match with EV Vienna Capitals. Both Series are now at 2:0.

Gasper Kroselj, hero of the Quarterfinals, will want to forget this game as soon as possible: He faced two shots by Ryan Duncan, conceded on both, and went to the bench without saving a single shot in the game. His Forwards didn’t offer much relief for his colleague Robert Kristan in the first period. They improved in the second, but Jeff Heerema hit the post first and then missed a clear sitter. When Medvescak was on the Powerplay in the 35th minute, the Bears lost the puck to Manuel Latusa, who converted coolly for a shorthander. All of a sudden, the score was 3:0 instead of 2:1 or even 2:2. Another rallying call in the Dressing room followed, and in fact, the Bears scored their first goal of the Semifinals. A shorthander, enabled by sloppy build-up play gave Alan Letang a break and he beat Reinhard Divis from the top of the slot. There was an air of “everything is possible now” in the Arena, but Zagreb wasted their best chance to close in. Aaron Fox decided to try a shot from an acute angle, missed and Salzburg punished the Hosts on the counter, with Michael Schiechl applying the finish. Three minutes later, it was Game Over when Daniel Welser recorded the fifth Goal of the night for Salzburg in Two-Men-Advantage. The defeat didn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd celebrating their heroes in Blue.

Coach Comments
«This is what the playoffs are all about. We knew this is one of the hottest team in the league. It was tough all the way even we scored two early goals. We are learning and a key is getting better. It’s a big win, this is a tough series», said Pierre Page (EC Red Bull Salzburg) while Ted Sator (KHL Medvescak Zagreb) commended his players for their effort. «We were ready to play, we played hard. Every time we had a goalscoring chance, Salzburg scored back. We have to keep working to win.“

Linz lose at home
In the other game in Linz, young Harald Ofner drew first blood when he squeezed through on the inside of Gerd Gruber, connecting with a great pass by Ales Kranjc and lifted the puck over Alex Westlunds shoulder. Linz was shocked, tried to get back into the game but looked paralyzed. The ideal ground for a pacy, tricky player like Rafael Rotter, who finished a counter-attacking move by the visitors. The Upper Austrians improved just a bit in the middle period, but failed to muster enough pressure to threaten Caps-Goalie Frederic Cassivi. Instead, Francois Bouchard scored the 3:0 with a right hammer on the powerplay. With 48 Minutes played, Brad Purdie finally scored Linz’ first goal in the Semifinals, bt t was too little, to late for the Black Wings who face an uphill battle in Vienna on Sunday.

11.03.2010 | KHL Medvescak Zagreb — EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:5 (0:2, 0:1, 1:2).
Goals Salzburg: 0:1, 0:2 Duncan (4., 5.), 0:3 Latusa (35./SH), 1:4 Schiechl (51.), 1:5 Welser (54./PP2)
Goal Zagreb: 1:3 Letang (44./SH)
Standings Best-of-seven-Semi-Final-Series:
EC Red Bull Salzburg – KHL Medvescak Zagreb: 2:0

EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – EV Vienna Capitals 1:3
(0:2, 0:1, 1:0).
Goal Linz: Purdie (48./pp)
Goals Wien: Ofner (4.), Rotter (18.), Bouchard (36./pp).
Standings Best-of-seven-Semi-final-Series:
EV Vienna Capitals – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz: 2:0


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Г'юзів (Донецька Г'юзівка)
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Semi finals — Game 3, 14.03.2010
Red Bull Salzburg — Medvešcak Zagreb 1:4 (0:2,1:2,0:0) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwsHuxktrMI
Attendance: 3200
Referees: CERVENAK Pavel (AUT), GRABER Michael (AUT), MATHIS Norbert (AUT)

Series: Red Bull Salzburg (2) — Medvešcak Zagreb ( 2-1

Before the next game in Zagreb:
Medveščak's captain Alan Letang invited supporters who will come to game to wear blue, to make atmosphere more like to NHL playoffs.

Vienna Capitals — Black Wings Linz 5:4 (2:2,1:2,2:0)
Attendance: 4250
Referees: BAUER Stefan (GER), KASPAR Christian (AUT), WIDMANN Florian (AUT)

Series: Vienna Capitals (3) — Black Wings Linz(4) 3-0

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Semi finals — Game 4, 16.03.2010

KHL Medvescak Zagreb — EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:5 (1:2, 0:1, 0:2).
Attendance: 6200
Standings Best-of-Seven-Semi-Final-Series:
EC Red Bull Salzburg – KHL Medvescak Zagreb: 3:1

EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – EV Vienna Capitals 2:1 n. V. (0:0, 0:1, 1:0, 1:0).
Standings Best-of-Seven-Semi-Final-Series:
EV Vienna Capitals – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz: 3:1

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